No BS Challenge Success! Day 7...

I'm not going to lie and say I've had a breeze of a week doing the No BS challenge because I haven't. I didn't exercise and I've felt exhausted from the first week back off my holiday. Doing nothing for 2.5 weeks and then getting back and having to do everything again is exhausting! I'd class that as a workout ha. I also had a couple cheat days but after weighing myself today I am happy to tell you that I've lost weight and inches woohoo! I've lost 2 lbs 3/4 and inches off everywhere. That's more than what I hoped or expected.

The pictures this week compared to last week show a small difference. My stomach is less bloated, love handles are slowly disappearing and the thunder thighs are still very much there but the inner thigh is giving my legs a bit more gap then last week.

I don't feel skinny yet but i'm sure that will come at some point haha.

If you want to join me on my No BS Challenge...please read my No BS Challenge Day 1 blog which goes in to details on the foods I'm eating.

This weeks photos 08/11/17 - Day 7

Last weeks photos 30/10/17 - Day 1

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