Me, Myself and My Food Addiction

We all have that one unhealthy obsession, if it's gaming, smoking, gyming...anything! There's a fine balance between keeping the balance or just being so obsessed that it consumes your life.

My obsession has been and always will be FOOD. Not just chocolate but every type of food...carbs, meats, junk foods, even fruit and veg! This is the reason why I've always battled with my weight.

Everyday, I fight with myself to eat the right foods...Nobody is perfect and I often give in to temptations. It's normal! I initially created my sweet treats as a starting point to help me not give in to temptations so much. They are sweet, filling and delicious. I actually eat 1 or 2 of my sweet treats every day and they really do help me.

That's when I decided I could help you too. My sweet treats curb cravings, are satisfying and will keep you fuller for longer. That's because they contain all natural ingredients. Did I mention that my products have no added sugar? Bonus :).

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